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SW of the expanded RPA project for S bank, Selection of Automation Anware, and Selection of preferred bidder as a Powerzen executive.

SW to expand the RPA to S bank and select Automation Anware
"Automation Anywhere" was selected as the engine solution at the heart of S bank's two-stage robot process automation project, and PowerGen, who has experience in carrying out S as an attendant for RPA development and operation, was selected as the preferred negotiator. Below is the relevant article.

[Digital Daily Correspondent 2019.02.26 09:21:25 / Lee Sang-il ]

It is known that "Automation Anywhere" has been selected as an engine solution that is at the heart of S Bank's second-stage robot process automation project. PowerGen, who has experience in carrying out S case as an RPA development and operation.

According to related industries on the 26th, it was confirmed that Shinhan Bank selected Automation Anware Korea as the preferred bidder for the second-phase RPA diffusion project solution last week. The bank`s RPA project has drawn attention as a large-scale RPA project in the financial sector.

Earlier last year, S Bank completed its RPA ONE project, which is an RPA business, and completed applying RPA to a total of 13 processes from six departments. S bank's RPA project is being carried out in accordance with its mid- and long-term plan to introduce it to the task by 2020, away from the level of pilot application for some tasks.

Through the second phase of the project, Shinhan Bank will apply the RPA, focusing on 15 tasks from 10 divisions.

The main content of the second phase of the RPA diffusion project unveiled by the S bank is

〇 Attached image of individual credit card evaluation documents ▲ Attachment of credit evaluation document image ▲SPC financial statement preparation ▲Delivery document registration document inquiry and attachment ▲Including real estate study document ▲Registration task ▲Export bank report repair monthly maintenance loan ▲ SSMT ▲Value SSMT, Transaction extraction and transaction verification

Through the first phase of the project, S Bank had introduced Britain's RPA solution called Bluprism. However, the company has been considering introducing a new solution through the second phase of the project. Although automation animation Korea participated in the project belatedly, it is believed that the opportunity was set to strengthen its influence on the financial sector by winning the project. Although the company had difficulty responding to the RPA market in the early stage, it established a branch in Korea last year, and started to keep up with large RPA businesses such as the financial sector.